Hello there!! If you are reading this, you have probably booked a session with me, or you are interested in booking with me!  So, Thank you!


Typically the first question I am asked upon booking is, “What should I wear?” So I have put together a little guide for you to help you figure out how to look your best on your big day. :-) You don’t necessarily need to “dress up” for your portrait session. The best images are usually captured when you wear clothing that you are comfortable in and outfits that match your unique style. I recommend trying to keep things simple by picking solid or semi-solid colors and coordinating your wardrobe as much as possible.


1. MOST of my sessions are outside in grassy areas.... so don’t wear a lot of greens in Spring and Summer, and in Fall stay away from brown. You don’t want to blend inYou want to stand out :-)


2. Stay away from fluorescents. Those colors on your shirt will show up on your face, and even in your hair! They are way to bright and way to harsh. Also, I know Coral isn’t technically a fluorescent , but avoiding that color will save me from a few grey hairs as well :-)


3. Dress for the Season. If you’ve scheduled a portrait session during the fall or winter, bring a dressy jacket, hats, scarves and gloves. Coordinate your clothing ensemble to match the fall colors and cooler weather. During the spring and summer months, ladies should consider warm weather tops (to wear with pants or skirts), summer blouses, sun dresses, skirts and shorts. Men’s wardrobes are usually much simpler; however I recommend bringing several t-shirts, button down shirts and jeans/pants.


4. Choose clothes that fit. I will have you in many different poses and wearing clothes that do not fit properly could keep you from doing a pose and make it limited on what you are able to do. Jeans that are too tight might keep you from squatting down. And clothes that are too big, just look messy and not flattering at all. 


5.WORDS WORDS WORDS WORD PICTURES…..Anything that has LARGE font and graphics on the front is a no-no. The first thing someone will look at is what your shirt says. Unless you are trying to replicate a superman moment or have a really cool graphic tee that I have approved, just say no. :-)


6.Lets talk about Jeans. Skinny jeans are flattering on most women, even the curvy ones! Pair them with cute heels or wedges, and your legs look a mile long. I’m 5’4 and 1-something pounds, and I love my skinnies! If you’re overweight and don’t feel comfortable with the tighter fit, I recommend a fit called “skinny boot cut.” You can find them at American Eagle or Gap. And guys wear jeans that aren't to big and aren't to tight. I love a skinny jean on a guy too! 


7.Layer, layer layer! Layers add dimension and depth. In the summer? Layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In the fall and winter? Cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, blazers, etc. Accessories will really bring your outfit together. A chunky necklace, bangle bracelets, glasses, vest, cardigans, tights, leggings, suspenders, hats, and bow ties.(Oh my heart I love a bow tie!)


8. Try to stick with clothes that you already own, and love. I know picking out what to wear for your senior pictures can seem like a fun opportunity for a shopping trip but you run the risk of picking something too trendy or that you won’t love as much the second or third time you see it.  We all have that outfit that we wore only once or twice and never wore again, you don’t want the clothes you are wearing in your senior portraits to distract you later. If you do buy new, wear the outfit a couple times to make sure you do love it! The perfect outfit, looks like you on your very best day.  


9.Wear your glasses, but avoid these mistakes.  If you wear glasses every day, you should wear them for your senior pictures.  With that said, there are two things that are hard to photograph with glasses:  glare and transition lenses.  The easiest solution?  Remove the lenses before your session, take them to your eye Dr. and have them remove them for the day.  You’ll still look like you but without the glare in the lens.  Transition lenses are extremely difficult to photograph, if you can’t remove the lenses and you don’t have a pair that doesn’t have progressive lenses, you can try keeping them in your pocket until right before the shutter clicks.  This will give me the best chance to show off your eyes in your senior portraits before your glasses turn to shades.  


10.Get that underwear right y’all.  From bras to boxers, what you’re wearing under your clothes is as important as what you’re wearing for your senior portraits.  Make sure that bra has your boobs in the right place, the straps aren’t visible, and the color isn’t showing through.  If you’re wearing white, you should be wearing flesh-colored undergarments.  Guys, you’re not off the hook here either, lets just say make sure that your boxers aren’t peeking out from your shorts when you sit down, and nothing is bunching up under your clothes. When you’re laying out your outfits, make sure you’ve pulled the undergarments you’ll need too.  You’ll look and feel more comfortable when you’re not fighting with your bra straps or boxers.


11.Make sure your outfit looks just as good whether you’re sitting, standing, or kneeling to pet a cute puppy.  If your shorts have a weird diaper look when you sit in them, don’t wear them.  If your dress only fits right if you’re standing up, it’s probably not the right outfit.  In your senior portraits you want a variety of poses so don’t wear clothes that restrict your posing options.  The best outfits will give room to switch from standing to sitting to squatting to laying on the ground. 


12.Show off your culture and traditions. You might not wear a Lengha to school, or Hawaiian Leis to school but they can be beautiful elements in your senior portraits that tell the story of who you are in photographs.  A good photographer will be able to use these pieces without it being too cliche or cringe-worthy. Try it all on and send me pictures!


13.Mix it up.  Make sure there are different styles and levels of dressy in your outfits. A more dressy outfit, a work-casual outfit, and a totally casual outfit is what most people bring.  If you love dresses and only want to wear dresses for your session, that is great, but make sure there is variety in lengths, textures, and features (like pockets!) to give me diverse posing options.  You don’t want your portraits for all three outfits to look the same and giving me a variety of styles and looks will help.

And lastly what do I want you to bring? 


14.Bring all the gear.  If you’re going to wear a sports uniform, bring the whole thing, including the equipment.   Bring your full uniform for your senior portraits and whatever racket, bat, lacrosse stick, or golf club goes with it . . . and don’t forget the ball!  If you like to go camping, bring your camping pack and make sure it is full of gear, there is nothing more obvious than an empty backpack. Cheerleaders, bring the pom poms!


15. Bring anything special to YOU! If you adore your dog and can't imagine a photo session without them, please feel free to bring your sweet pup! (But, don't forget those treats!) Here is a list of popular things my seniors have brought in the past

Class Ring

Car or Truck



Awards/Althletic Metals

Playbills from your plays


Dance Gear

​​​​​​​ANYTHING special to you and your high school career!

Definitely bring someone along with you! It is SO much more fun with your parent or best friend there! The smiles become so much more natural.


So, closing up here...the last, last thing is... SEND ME PICTURES! Haha! I encourage you to send me photos of all your outfits and accessories! I can tell you what works and what doesn't. I am here to help! 


So, that's it! I hope this helps, and don't be afraid to check out Pinterest! It is full of great outfit ideas!! I'll even attach a link to get you started!  Click Here




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