Q: Do you have a studio?

A: At this time I only offer outdoor natural light but if we need to find a spot for indoor because of the weather, we definitely will find a place:-)


Q: Where do you go for outdoor sessions?

A: I have lots of places!!  Some are exclusive just to Rabozzi Photography! Those I'll keep under wraps and use if I think it will be a good fit for your session ;-) And for the privacy of the property owners. ;-)

I also use Lewis and Clark College, Gordon Moore Park, Downtown Alton for a more urban shoot, The Gardens at SIUE, and sometimes my very own backyard :-)


Q: Will you come to my property?

A: Yes! As long as I can come check it out beforehand to see what I'm getting in to it is definitely something we can discuss... If I don't think it will work, please understand I have your best interest at heart and I want your photos to be amazing!


Q: Can I order my own prints?

A: Yes, you have printing rights with your gallery. All I ask is that you use the lab I recommend. They have AMAZING quality photos and VERY reasonably priced... Seriously!  I do not recommend Walmart, Walgreens, Snapfish or Shutterfly... they are OK quality and can make a great photo look bad.... Just my opinion :-) I mean, trust me... I'm a photographer ;-)


Q: Do you order prints for me?

A: I certainly can! Or I have your gallery set up to order prints on your own time.. It's really easy and they come from a really great professional lab :-)


Q: Will I get a CD of my photos?

A: No, I offer instant digital files. You will actually download your gallery to your computer then you can add them to a disc on your own for backup purposes.


Q: How long will you keep my gallery on your website for me to download?

A: I will keep your gallery for one year then it will be deleted for storage purposes. So download and backup, backup, backup!!!!


Q: You are a little out of my price range, do you accept payments?

A: Yes! I only ask that you pay in $50 increments.. just makes tracking a little easier :-)