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March 19, 2021  •  22 Comments

Available Session Dates and Times


I am currently only able to do evening weekday sessions, Saturdays are booked with weddings and I am off on Sundays with my family. I can do weekday mornings if you are available but 0f course golden hour (the hour before sunset) is the absolute best time!!

Please let me know which works best for you! These have been shared with multiple other clients so let me know ASAP which will work and I will remove it as soon as I can so it will stay updated. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or via whatever way we are corresponding what you prefer and I will be in touch to confirm. Thank you!!!

If this is a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR session, the start time will be about 30 minutes earlier!!! 

Please also read the bottom for current location availability. 

A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

High  School seniors are $100 to reserve your spot.







1 4:45pm BOOKED

2 4:45pm BOOKED

3 4:45pm BOOKED

4 4:45pm BOOKED

5 4:45 pm BOOKED

8 4:45 pm BOOKED

9 3:30 pm

12 3:30 pm BOOKED

14 3:30 pm BOOKED

15 3:30 pm

16 3:30 pm

17 3:30 pm

18 3:30 pm

24 3:30 pm

30 3:30 pm













Lewis and Clark College Campus

The Nature Institute (Must have 24 hours notice)

The Gardens at SIUE (Edwardsville)

Gordon Moore Park (Alton)

Downtown Alton (there are SO many places to use around Alton)

Downtown Edwardsville

The Watershed Nature Center (Edwardsville)

Riverview Park (Alton)

LaVista Creek

Forest Park St. Louis (Add $75 for time and travel)




Julie Jacobs(non-registered)
Tuesday November 2nd.

Is this still available? If so -

A) will we still make tatler ?

B) can I book this ?

I would like to do the $400
Price point and can drop you a check for whatever amount needed to secure the spot.

Thank you !
Julie Jacob’s
Mindy Day(non-registered)
Gavin’s Senior Pics. October 28.
Joselyn Chappee(non-registered)
Can we get June 14 at 7:45
Lee Ann Biggs(non-registered)
Lucas Sr. Pictures, please. I'm going to guess he'll want downtown Alton, but possibly a stop at the football field, if possible.
Jaime Field(non-registered)
September 28 would be great! Can you do both boys in that time? They want to do downtown Alton
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