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Available Session Dates and Times


I am currently only able to do evening weekday sessions, Saturdays are booked with weddings and I am off on Sundays with my family. I can also do weekday mornings if you are available.

Please let me know which works best for you! These have been shared with multiple other clients so let me know ASAP which will work and I will remove it as soon as I can so it will stay updated. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or via whatever way we are corresponding what you prefer and I will be in touch to confirm. Thank you!!!

Please also read the bottom for current location availability. 

High  School seniors will start about 45 minutes-1 hour earlier than the times posted. $100 non refundable deposit to reserve your senior session. $50 deposit to reserve your family session.




6- 6:30

10- 6:30 BOOKED

24- 6:30



8- 6:30 BOOKED

15- 6:30

18- 6:30

19- 6:30

22- 6:15

23- 6:15 BOOKED

25- 6:15 BOOKED

26- 6:15 BOOKED 

30- 6:15



1- 6:00

2- 6:00

5- 6:00

6- 6:00


9- 6:00



Lewis and Clark College Campus

The Nature Institute (Must have 24 hours notice)

The Gardens at SIUE (Edwardsville)

Gordon Moore Park (Alton)

Downtown Alton (there are SO many places to use around Alton)

Downtown Edwardsville

The Watershed Nature Center (Edwardsville)

Riverview Park (Alton)

If you have an idea or somewhere special please let me know.

Forest Park St. Louis or Downtown St. Louis (Add $75 for time and travel)



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